Listen To Your Horses

Listen to your horse, pay attention to detail, even something as simple as the way you catch and lead your horse can make a big difference to the way he sees you.  There is always a reason for your horses’ behaviour; there is no such thing as a naughty/bad horse just a misunderstood one.  For example a horse that starts to refuse fences could have a bad back or a horse that bites when you tack him up could have a badly fitting saddle it is up to us to find out the cause and help resolve it rather than seeing it as so called “Naughty Behaviour”

A bargy horse is often seen as rude but it is down to us to explain to the horse in a kind and consistent way how we would like the horse to be around us.

Horses are continually trying to communicate with us and it is up to us to notice and take care of the little things so the big things don’t happen.  You couldn’t do anything with a horse without his willingness to try; it is vital you reward even the smallest try.

Adding pressure to a situation can confuse the horse, aim for lightness and clear communication when handling and riding your horse.

You need to look after both the physical and emotional well being of your horse and yourself.  Ensuring your horse is physically capable of doing what you are asking him to do and is happy in the environment you keep him in.  Your horse knows what mood you are in from the moment he sees you, it is your duty to listen and understand how he is feeling.

We are all on a journey with our horses, they have so much to teach us.

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John & all the Horses at Old Shawls

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