Handling Untouched Horses

A 2 or 4 Day Horsemanship Course

The handling the untouched horse course is a fantastic opportunity to learn skills which will help you handle untouched, wild, nervous horses, ponies and foals.  After years of handling untouched and traumatised horses John has a special way of introducing the first halter and lead to cause the least amount of stress to untouched, feral and remedial horses.  Creating a environment where they can learn and gain trust in people:

  • Introduce a horse or pony to his first halter and lead rope in a stress free safe way.
  • A chance to start building a strong foundation with young, nervous and remedial horses in a safe environment.
  • This course involves total emersion in horses, learning how to become really in tune and read the slightest signals
  • Understand the horse’s language
  • Have fun learning and interacting with horses

How far each horse progresses during the courses depends on the horse, which is part of our ethos to take the time it takes and not rush the horse.  You are welcome to bring you own youngster, weanling or remedial horse to help him progress at no extra cost.  This course will show you all the important skills to help the horse learn in a safe and relaxed environment.

Course Prices:

2 Day Courses: £250
4 Day Courses: £500
2 Day 1-1 course: £500

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“It really helped me and my horse” SF

“The weekend was terrific and I have a head full of positive vibes”

“Power of positive thinking weekend has been a real boost, thank you both for all the time and energy you gave us” KV

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