Courses Booking Form

Booking Form

In order to take part in a Black Hill Horse Training Course, you will need to complete the following application form and send it with your deposit to:

Black Hill Horse Training, Old Shawls Farm, Craswall, Herefordshire, HR20PW.  Please read the notes below and enter any relevant information on both sheets and sign the declaration.


Fee: The course fee includes tuition, hay, water, straw, stabling & use of the Cabin during the course.

Deposits: Please enclose a cheque for £125.00; for a 2-day clinic or £250.00 for a 4-day clinic, made out to John Jones to be sent with the application form.  The balance is due on the morning of the first day. (Deposits are non refundable but can be put towards another date within the year)

Lunch: It is recommended that you bring a pack lunch (some B&Bs will make them for you on request)  Tea and Coffee will be available but you may wish to bring your own drinks.

If you are staying in the self catering Cabin please bring food with you for the duration of the course (there are local shops should you need more supplies)

Clothing: Please wear suitable clothing footwear while working with your horse, bring a up to date PAS approved riding helmet, also bring a waterproof coat and plenty of layers so you can add or remove depending on the weather.

Insurance: All participants of any Black Hill Horse Training activity are responsible for their own insurance arrangements.  No claim may be made by any applicant (or representatives) against John Jones or his associates in respect of injury, illness or death or for any loss or damage to any personal property however caused.

 Please enrol me on the Black Hill Horse Training…………………………………Course

To be held on…………………………….(date) at Old Shawls Farm

I have completed both sides of this form

Ø     Read and understood the notes above

Ø     Signed and dated the declaration below

Ø     Enclosed is my Deposit

 Declaration: I am over 18 years of age (applicants under 18 require parent/guardian written consent and a adult present).  I have read and understood everything on this form and in the Black Hill Horse Training literature and agree that all information I have provided is correct at the time of signing.

NAME (PRINTED)———————————————-


 Horses should arrive between 4pm and 7pm the day before the course.  Please phone to discuss any specific requirements.  Hay and Straw provided, but please bring any hard feed and tack you use.  Please send/e-mail notes about you and your horse and what you wish to work on with this form on a separate piece of paper.  Should you wish to borrow a horse, please phone to discuss your requirements. Tel:01981 510 269

     Please tick appropriate boxes below: 

 ◊I would like to be on the Black Hill Horse Training E-mail list

 ◊I would like to stay in the cabin during the course (Self Catering)

 ◊I will be staying at a local B&B/at home during the course

 ◊I would like to borrow Old Shawls Farm horses during the course

 ◊I will be bringing my own horse during the course, information about him/her  attached

Directions, list of B&B accommodation and information on what the course involves will be sent/e-mailed to you on receipt of your deposit and application form.  Subjects covered for example: how to read your horse and work together without force, see things from the horses point of view and much more……………………….








Home Telephone No:                                                      

Work Telephone No:                                                     

Name, Address & Telephone Number of Next of Kin:





Home Telephone No:                                                         

Work Telephone No:                                                          

Do you have any medical problems we should know about? (Please be sure to include asthma, epilepsy or diabetes). YES/NO

If yes give details below:                                                                                    




We look forward to seeing you soon

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