Starting The Young Horse

A 2 or 4 Day Horsemanship Course

Young Horse TrainingThis course covers the all the work in preparing a young horse for his first saddle and rider in a stress free way. John has helped thousands of horses and people over the years; here is a great opportunity for us to share with you the secrets of achieving a partnership based on trust and understanding. This is a chance to build a solid foundation in the young horse’s education, building on confidence and trust giving the horses the best start in life. Preparation for becoming a balanced ridden horse whether Western or English trained. The majority of remedial/problem horses we have worked with have had traumatic experiences with their first saddle and rider. This course teaches you:

  • Vital safety tips to ensure both you and the horse remain safe when introducing first long lines, saddle and rider.
  • How to introduce the horse to new experiences working through his mind, helping him understand what he is being asked and gaining his confidence.
  • All the important skills you need to help you and your horse progress together
  • You will learn skills that will help you in the future with horses.

How far we progress during either the two day or Four day course depends on the horses we are working with and their level of training. This course is suitable for anyone with a youngster who wants to learn together (you are welcome to bring your youngster at no extra cost) or someone who wants to learn more about horse training in a compassionate way. You can either bring your own horse or work with the horses at the John’s yard.

Course Prices:

2 Day Courses: £250
4 Day Courses: £500
2 Day 1-1 course: £500

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“It really helped me and my horse” SF

“The weekend was terrific and I have a head full of positive vibes”

“Power of positive thinking weekend has been a real boost, thank you both for all the time and energy you gave us” KV

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