Horse Listening Skills

A 2 Day Horsemanship Course

Horse ListeningReach another level with horses; unlock your potential with gentle horsemanship. Learn to listen to horses.

These courses are predominantly communicating with horses on the ground which then moves on to explaining the connection between ridden & groundwork either Western or English. No horse no problem! You are welcome to work with John’s wide variety of horses at Old Shawls Farm who are all great teachers.

We look forward to meeting you at Old Shawls Farm and to an enjoyable time discussing and learning about our most noble friend the horse. During the course we will be looking into horse psychology and learning to listen to the horse.

  • You will get hands on experience with the horses and also watch John work with different horses.
  • Learning how your body language and emotions affect your horse.
  • Important safety tips when working with your horse and maintaining his attention. Improve your skills and more.
  • The aim is to be more at one with your horse and learn to achieve your goals without force.
  • Important ground skills, learning how to work through the horses mind.
  • The importance of feel timing and balance.

These unique courses are predominantly using ground skills with the horses, using techniques and concepts that you can then take into your ridden work towards the end of the course.

Our aim is to work as light as possible with the horses in a relaxed environment; we encourage discussions and questions throughout the course.

“If I want the horse to listen to me then I must listen to the horse”

By the end of your time at Old Shawls Farm you will have seen several horses, you will be well on your way to communicating with horses in a kind and gentle way.


Course Prices:

2 Day Courses: £250
4 Day Courses: £500
2 Day 1-1 course: £500

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“It really helped me and my horse” SF

“The weekend was terrific and I have a head full of positive vibes”

“Power of positive thinking weekend has been a real boost, thank you both for all the time and energy you gave us” KV

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