Positive Customer Feedback:

Customer Testimonials

  • “People really appreciate you teaching them John” Kelly Marks
  • “Very beneficial- Excellent and informative” AC
  • “Very good. Horse relaxed, very helpful to know what to do from now on” AW
  • “Amazed at how quickly my horse became calm and responsive” LC
  • “A real eye opener, very pleased with the results, shall continue with work. A whole new world to training horses, would recommend to anyone” CJ
  • “Brilliant, I now feel I understand where my horse is coming from and the work I need to do to help her be a happier animal” CH
  • “Very useful, a new basis to work forward from, she behaved like a different horse and seems much more content” CH
  • “Very impressive work by John, made me feel more confident” SG
  • “I have seen a different horse today! Totally transformed her” HP
  • “I was very impressed with the work on the bitless bridle – I would not have thought it possible that the horse could do this so quickly” WC
  • “Excellent – very informative and very helpful. I will definitely be following all advice given” LC

>> Click here for a case study written by one of our clients Alison Silver.

  • “It really helped me and my horse” SF
  • “The weekend was terrific and I have a head full of positive vibes”
  • “Power of positive thinking weekend has been a real boost, thank you both for all the time and energy you gave us” KV

Dear John & Daisy,

On behalf of our human owner we would just like to say a big “Thank You”

Thanks for helping her listen & speak to us in our language.

With friends like you around she will make a decent owner!!

You really are special “humans”

Long may your enthusiasm to assist “learner” owners continue.

Teach & Jack (horses)

  • “Thank you for all that you have done for Muffin and I over the past weeks. It has been amazing to watch her develop and now I think she is a very happy pony!
  • Thank you for your endless patience and kindness” HM
  • “I very much appreciate all your advice and help thank you” LT
  • “My daughter had an amazing time on your weekend course, it was a joy to watch” WB
  • “John thank you very much for coming to our pony club camp yesterday and showing us how it is done” Golden Valley Pony Club DC
  • “Thank you so much, already you have more keen followers after your great demo” KV
  • “Thank you for a great day helping me with his loading, I was full of apprehension but you’ve proved to me it can be done! Many Thanks CB
  • “To John & Daisy, Thank you very much! I really enjoyed this weekend and learnt so much too! I didn’t want it to end Love Georgie & Smokey”
  • “John, A million thanks- don’t worry I will continue to phone & ask questions! You will regret encouraging me. Thank you” LT
  • “To John, a huge thank you for your invaluable time and help with Lily. She is so much happier, we are so grateful for all your help. Also thank you to Daisy who was very helpful explaining things to us. Best Wishes from all of us at Gonsal RSPCA Center”
  • “To John thank you for helping my mum to understand me better! (I think she is starting to listen now)” Love Emma
  • “I still feel so elated by how you have changed her and consequently am daily gaining more confidence in trusting her, I am riding on clouds at the moment with my new found grey friend!”KV.
  • “I have found the work that John has done with my youngsters, invaluable” PL.

John understood the way my pony and I felt about each other and what we needed to learn, thank you for teaching me and my pony so much” GB (aged 10)”Although I was there it was their learning curve. After only two sessions the transformation was amazing. There was a different look on both G and her pony’s face” G’s mother

  • “Very impressed with John’s work I have called him out twice to my horses, two very different problems and both times was very impressed and left feeling inspired and my confidence boosted” SH
  • “I had such an inspiring day John is so talented and patient with the horses. I felt quite tired learning all day! MJ
  • “John Jones and his assistant Daisy, great pair, gave me loads of groundwork ideas and riding tips” SH

“At the weekend, I went to see a demonstration by John Jones, the Horse Listener, in aid of Equine Market Watch. John is a recommended associate of the Intelligent Horsemanship Association. I was absolutely mesmerized. John’s approach was so gentle and yet so effective – there was nothing that jarred or jerked at all. All of the horses were from the EMW sanctuary. The first one Solo – a big chestnut horse with rather nice confirmation – had been tied to the back of a car to make him go forward. By directing the horse and drawing him to him, John was able to dispel the horse’s fear and in no time had his head lowered and then really low stepping around him willingly by his side. Later he worked with an untouched colt and then a remedial pony mare both of which weren’t keen to be close to humans at all. Within a short while he was able to touch the colt all over, including his feet and later he had the mare moving towards him. At no time did either pony run frantically around the pen or look distressed. Wonderful. I can’t hop to convey the feeling of the audience or relay how John described what he was doing. For anyone who has not seen him in action, I would thoroughly recommend attending one of his demos.” SW

  • “inspirational” MB
  • “Watching John work with horses is a pleasure, a breath of fresh air and hypnotic… be prepared to be amazed Equine Market Watch”
  • “Anyone who has not seen John (& Daisy) in action should try to get to this event. He has just been out to see my horse Murphy and it went so well I nearly cried at the end of the session! He makes so much sense and leaves you full of confidence that whatever you are struggling with you will achieve SH”
  • “I had a brilliant time at John’s yard with my horse and it really helped me build a better relationship we now trust each other – brilliant!” MW
  • “I had a great weekend at Old Shawls Farm, I learnt so much and got a real boost SF”
  • “I had a lovely day at John’s Demo Day a great opportunity to see a very patient, committed and equine empathetic John Jones today. Thanks so much John and the dedicated Equine Market Watch (who provided the horses and ponies for the demo) it is very beautiful part of the country too.”
  • “I was impressed at a recent John Jones demo that what I saw was a real horseman at work, and not a show put on to impress the audience.
  • He was soo patient and slow; it was a very good reminder of the fundamental principals of what is required when working with the more traumatised horse. Excellent!” CW
  • “A rare talent” BW
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